When submitting feedback or suggestions

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Jun 14, 2019
Please consider the following as a guideline on trying to present new ideas to the community and Staff of ForumExtra. It'd be nice if our discussions and contemplation within this forum could be a little less obtuse, belligerent, and dense.

Present the problem:
What do you currently feel is an issue or inadequate on PostDreams?

Why is it a problem?
Why is this something that should be added, removed or changed in some way on PostDreams?

Present a solution to the problem:
Give a concrete solution to the problem, include hypothetical examples and scenarios to exemplify the effectiveness of said solution.

Consider drawbacks of solution:
Hypothesize on some of the negative impacts of your solution, perhaps extrapolate some potential remedies to these drawbacks.

Some basic tips:

  • Use the search feature! If your suggestion has already been offered, do not submit it again. If you have ideas for modifying that suggestion, submit them to the original topic.
  • Utilize appropriate titles! Please do not title your topic "feedback", "ideas" or anything generic. Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Don't hesitate to use polls! Rather than expecting every member to reply to the thread with foolish "+1s", simply add a poll to the topic. Be sure to offer ample choices.
  • Not all ideas will be approved! Sometimes users, even though they mean well, will offer ideas that are just plain.. useless. Threads like these will often receive a simple "this will not happen" sort of response from Staff and then be locked. This isn't because we don't like you, or hate your ideas.. we just don't like that one in particular. Submit others!
  • Be constructive! I place particular emphasis on this one as far too many members have been offering feedback on features with "this is dumb" comments or deliberate bashing of our Staff team. Topics/posts like these will be removed at the discretion of Staff. Anything particularly vulgar or aggressive in nature can result in account action(s).
Not open for further replies.